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Bob still living his best life.

Helping seniors live independently
with AI assistive technology.

Gardian Auxilio notices changes that can indicate serious issues, before they happen.

Gardian Auxilio uses a smart watch to monitor Bob's health and software to learn and follow Bob's regular routine.

It will detect changes in Bob's health and wellbeing.

Bob's family and carers have peace of mind knowing that he is safe and healthy, wherever he is, and if he needs care, it is there.

Gardian Auxilio helps Bob live a safe, fulfilled and more independent life.

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Understanding real wellness.

Mary gets up at 8am, goes to the bathroom, then kitchen, and then the loungeroom to watch Dr Phil. She has lunch at 1pm, goes back to watch tv, and eats her dinner at 6. She heads off to bed at 9.  
Gardian Auxilio knows that is Mary's routine, every day.

Alterations to this pattern are assessed against Mary's usual daily routine and Mary gets a wellness score.
Mary usually has a wellness score of 4, and everyone is pleased with that.

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