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How can I get Gardian Auxilio?

Gardian Auxilio is available for independent living and home care. Please contact us for more information and pricing.

Does Gardian Auxilio work outside of the home?

Yes! Gardian Auxilio is able to work inside as well as outside of your home.

Is Gardian Auxilio under a home care package?

Yes. Gardian Auxilio can be fully covered under existing Home Care Packages and Commonwealth Home Support Programmes as part of the Assistive Technology category.

If you are currently on the waitlist for a Home Care Package or Commonwealth Home Support Programme, you are still able to access Gardian Auxilio, however the government does not subsidise private services. Once approved for your package, we'll work with your provider to incorporate Gardian Auxilio in your package.

Does the Smart Watch need to be worn at all times?

In order to provide the best level of care, the smart watch should be worn at all times. The smart watch collects vital information for carers to provide care plans to address your individual needs and provide the best level of care possible.

Do I need a Smart Phone

Gardian Auxilio will work without a smartphone, however there are many advantages to having one. Firstly, you and your family will need a smartphone to access the Gardian Auxilio app to make your schedule, get wellness scores, health vitals and alerts. The app on your phone works alongside your Gardian Auxilio smart watch. If you do not have a smartphone, we can assist with alternative solutions.

How is my data kept safe?

We have made data protection and security a priority. All data is hosted by Google Cloud Services, a globally trusted cloud service, and only health authorities responsible for treating patients are allowed access to the data. In order to prevent cyber attacks, data is encrypted and can only be accessed by authorised roles and services with audited access to the encryption keys. To learn more about how data is used, please refer to the Gardian Data Privacy Policy.

Can I get a mobile emergency medical alert?

If enabled, Gardian Auxilio is able to provide a emergency medical alert to emergency service providers, family, carers and medical professionals of your choice.

Assistive Technology for aged care and people living with a disability.