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uses AI, a fashionable smart watch and a mobile app to determine your health and wellness, and send help if you need it.

Gardian Auxilio can detect if medical intervention is required, in or out of the home. No false alarms.

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Gardian Auxilio has determined that Bob has collapsed.  It indicates he is in the bathroom.  It indicates he has low SPo2 and his heart rate is lower than normal. 
Gardian Auxilio immediately sends an alert to the control room and to the medical team, and any other registered emergency contact, with Bob's status.   

Gardian Auxilio will automatically* dispatch an emergency care team, such as paramedics to Bob.  Communications will be automatically opened between him and the control room.  On the way, the medical team can push for more vital health information from Bob's smart watch to keep abreast of his condition.

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Includes a mobile app and choice of beautiful time pieces offering discreet, comfortable and personal safety.


Insights can be accessed by family or care givers to improve quality of care.


Provides timely intervention in the case of a fall or other serious issue.


Helps people age safely in the comfort of their own home.

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