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Care providers are looking at new ways assistive technology can help seniors and people living with a disability live a more fulfilled, safe and independent life. 


Gardian Auxilio is a state-of-the-art proactive and preventive medical assistance solution that can detect if medical intervention is required, often before the person is even aware of it themselves.


Gardian Auxilio has been designed to easily integrate into everyday life.  It continuously tracks, monitors and reviews the health of the user and can automatically dispatch medics based on assessment of health vitals, without the need of intervention.

The solution includes a fashionable all-in-one smart watch which monitors health vitals, location and movement. It also includes automatic emergency assistance and call for assistance functions. 

This all encompassing AI based solution can be integrated into your existing call centre or patient monitoring solutions.

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Transform the way care is provided with technology that can learn, monitor, action, report and improve future interventions based on unique individual parameters.


Get treatment plans, care plans, protocols, workflow, logging and reporting of care activities to assist with daily activities.

Improve outcomes.

Focus on early detection and preventative care.

Provide better care.

Create a personal real time health and wellness profile for each person in care. Understand real time health changes, pain levels and other vital data in non-verbal clients.

Save time and money.

Improve efficiencies and reduce costs without downgrading the level of care you provide.

Easy to implement.

This all encompassing AI based solution can be integrated into your existing call centre or patient monitoring solutions.

Empower your care workforce.

Empower the care workforce with real time data, and tools to connect and collaborate across teams, departments, workforces.

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Enabling preventive care.

Gardian Auxilio predicts a deterioration in health and wellness, and detects if medical intervention is required, in or out of the home. No false alarms.

  • Early prediction of health deterioration 

  • Predicts adverse events 

  • Provides early warning signs

  • Uses advanced machine learning (AI) 

  • Based on medical experts' modelling

  • Improves safety and quality of life

  • Enables timely assistance

Many experts consider the continuous monitoring of vital signs a key factor in understanding wellness and predicting health deterioration and adverse events.

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Control Software.

The Gardian Auxilio Control Software is at the heart of Gardian Auxilio. This state-of-the art software is underpinned by Artificial Intelligence and is the engine behind Gardian Auxilio's intelligent approach.

Get actionable insights to help you provide better care. The control software solution combines smart wearables, location tracking, machine learning, actionable patient care data and predictive analytics.

Care Mobile Application.

The Care Mobile Application is used by the Medical or Care team to identify the exact location of the patient and assist with management and treatment protocols, resource management and workflow.


Incorporates ePCR, communication tools and reporting.

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Fashionable Smart Watch.

Our fully featured smart wearables seamlessly integrate with Gardian Auxilio.​ Our range of smart wearables are stylish, waterproof and have been customised with health features built in.


Includes a choice of beautiful time pieces offering discreet, comfortable and personal safety.

Auxilio Mobile Application.

The Auxilio Mobile Application is included in the solution. This Mobile Application can be used by the client and their families to keep abreast of their health and wellness.

Provides call for assistance features along with location tracking, wellness indicators and other smart functions such as scheduling and notifications.


The Auxilio App is the interface between the Smart Watch and the Control Software.

The Gardian Auxilio solution can also be provided with in home display device for those clients that do not have a smart phone. 

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Gardian Auxilio presents actionable insights with real-time alerts, daily score boards, dashboards and self serve reports. Furnish care staff with additional tools to provide care in a more informed, proactive and timely way and objective data to support care discussions.


Gardian Auxilio enables families, and their carer community to stay connected. See daily health vitals, wellness scores, schedules, location, collaborate in real time and call for additional resources or support when needed.

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Take action before serious illness or incidents occur. Make adjustments and recommendations to adjust care plans based on predictive parameters.

Avoid unnecessary hospital stays, understand risks and avert false positives with Gardian Auxilio predictive AI technology.


Allocate care staff effectively and know when to provide assistance. Understand hours worked, movements, clients visited and the location of individual care staff during their work hours. Know when to provide assistance based on the unique needs of each client.

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When the medical team attend to the client, they can use the Gardian Auxilio medic app to capture their assessment and log their diagnosis.


Treatment protocols and the client's history are available on their medic app to ensure they are given the best treatment possible. Any resources can be requested using the app and dispatched to their location.

Any amendments to the client's care plan can be made and notifications are automatically provided to their carers and family, keeping them all abreast of the situation.